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Pisarcik 1977 SSI was dedicated to the philosophy that the individual athlete deserved and needed help in negotiating their professional future, in particular in the area of salary and salary caps, length of playing contract, and especially how to save money and tap the endorsement market.
Pete and Joe Pisarcik go over his contract with the New York Giants. Joe was the NFL Rookie of the Year.
After taking a hiatus from the area of sports representation to launch a lucrative service industry company and successfully securing multimillion dollar real estate deals across the country, SSI's talented staff is back to assist the individual athlete in their goal to negotiate the best possible situation for their career in whatever sport they excel. Housten Oilers 1977
Pete with Houston Oilers G. M. Tom Williams (top left). Altie Taylor (bottom left) and legendary Coach Bum Phillips (bottom right).
Art James SSI still knows how to open up a dialogue on behalf of its clients, and how to parley those talks into the most lucrative and profitable outcome.
Bill Veeck, owner of the Chicago White Sox, with Pete and veteran outfielder Art James.
We also know where to negotiate. As professionals, we stay on top of each sport, keeping constant track of roster weaknesses, general manager needs by team and by league, all for the purpose of knowing where our client's talents can be best marketed. Joe Jones
SSI secured a very profitable contract for Joe "Turkey" Jones with the Cleveland Browns.  "Pete Huthwaite at SSI are a number one agent in the U.S" said Joe "Turkey" Jones.
Randy Walker Our staff of experts work continuously to help improve the position of our clients. After the proper contract has been negotiated, we go to work making certain that no opportunities for extra income are missed in the form of endorsements and testimonials.
Randy "Sweet Back" Walker signs his 5 year contract with the Toronto Argonauts as John Barrow, G. M. and Pete look on.

Sports Stars International have represented a number of professional athletes from various sports organizations for the past 4 decades.


John Corker

John "Sack Man" Corker signing his contract with Tom Baatz, G. M. of the Green Bay Packers and Pete

Melvin Jenkins

Melvin Jenkins with Lion alum Bobby Thompson and Pete after signing his contract with the Detroit Lions. Jenkins was a long-time client of SSI.  SSI also represented Bobby Thompson when he played with the Detroit Lions.


LaMarr Hoyt and Roy Green

LaMarr Hoyt (L) with Pete and NFL Pro Bowl Player Roy Green (R)


Al Hangsleben

SSI negotiated the contract for top pick Al Hangsleben with the New England Whalers.


Dick Cunningham

Pete with SSI's first client Dick Cunningham signing his contract with the Phoenix Suns.

Jim Lister

Hall of Fame coach Bill Fitch of the Cleveland Cavaliers and top pick Jim Lister signing his contract.

Phil Walker

Phil Walker was a second round pick by the Washington Bullets.

Stacey Hariston (C) signing with the Seattle Seahawks with Pete (R) and Bobby Thompson (L) former SSI client.  Stacey was a division 3 player from Ohio Northern.

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  Peter Huthwaite  
Peter J. Huthwaite, President of Sports Stars International, LLC, in 2012 as he brokers his next big deal for the next up and coming athlete.
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